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Very limited in regards to totally free sex cams but a neat alternative to Chaturbate. Flirt4Free private xxx webcams are notoriously graphic.

Model Speaks English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, Norsk, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish
Payments Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal
Phone 1-800-685-9236
Email [email protected]


Tokens Price Discount
120 CREDITS $0.00 For FREE
180 CREDITS $5
360 CREDITS $20
1240 CREDITS $100
Private Shows: Starting at $0.55/Minute
Premium: $39.95/month
Special Offer: Up to 340 free credits.

Features of Flirt4Free

  • The Calendar clearly marks all Featured Shows and the models performing in them for the next 7 days
  • Interactive Cam Rooms let you take control of a model's toy, and even sync your own toy to her's
  • Text and call your favorite models using FlirtSMS and Flirt Phone
  • Type of cam show is clearly marked on the thumbnail
  • Plenty of contests to boost the models' interaction with the community
  • No registration mandatory
  • Free videos available for VIP members
  • Ability to sort models by the language they talk in
  • Cam to cam and audio sharing available
  • Purchased media is permanently retained in your account
  • Performers of every ethnicity available
  • Some cams are not high definition
  • Lower number of categories compared to other sites

For a premium online cam girl experience, look no further. The folks at Flirt4Free have knocked it out of the park by providing girls who look like supermodels, features that make the experience joyful, and great pricing on their credit packages. Even if you`re flat broke, you`ll be able to justify getting a private session.

What is Flirt4Free?

Flirt4Free is a bastion in the cam girl sector. If you`re looking for live cam shows, it`s the best spot to satisfy your cravings. The site is designed to be easy to use, and if you spend time, you`ll realize how many neat features it hides away. It`s free to use, so you don`t have to worry about busting out your wallet yet. By the time you`re done reading about it though, you`ll be tempted to.

What gives Flirt4Free an edge over other cam sites?

Flirt4Free has the ladies to compete, but what sets it apart is the amazing design and tons of features. Here`s what you should make use of.

Special promos

Flirt4Free regularly hosts contests and promotions during events like Valentine`s Day, Christmas, and even Cinco De Mayo. Users get more credits for less cash and can vote for their favorite cam girls. The winners get cash prizes of thousands of dollars.

Hall of Fame

The Hall Of Fame is where you can find cam girls with the most users, and chicks who`ve broken records in general. It`s the easiest way to reach the top dogs of this site. If you`re bored with the cam girls you normally watch, this is a great way to find new babes to watch and chat with.


Flirt4Free has a calendar which shows you all the webcam shows coming up in the week. Each show lasts for one hour and often features the most popular girls. There can be up to 24 shows a day, and you can check in advance to see if any of the cams are one of your favorite models. This way, you`ll never miss a naughty sex session.

Fetish Cams

Flirt4Free has a dedicated fetish community where you can find both fetish cams and information about different fetishes if you`re a beginner trying to explore. The category is divided into various fetishes like orgasm control, breath play, role play, bondage, smoking, face sitting, leather, lactation, feet, stockings, and plenty of others! These webcams are anything but vanilla, so if you`re getting bored with all the basic action on the front page, this is where you need to go next.

Interactive Cams

This category lets you pick a cam show based on the degree of sex toys` interaction. There are three types:

  • Pink. These are toys controlled by donations. Depending on the size of your donation, you can make the toy vibrate harder or for longer durations.
  • Blue. These are toys that can be controlled by donations and compatible devices. You can make the toy vibrate harder/longer by donating or by using your controlling device.
  • Purple. These are two-way interactions. These toys can be activated by tips, but the toys can control another toy it`s paired with. If you have the male counterpart of her toy, you can pair it with her. This allows you to essentially have long-distance sex.

Flirt Babes

Flirt Babes is Flirt4Free`s hot squad of cam girls. These ladies perform together twice a week for two hours. By becoming a member of their fan club, you get a 5% discount to their shows, videos, and a special font color for the chatroom. There are 10 sexy ladies to watch among them, and their sessions get hot and steamy.

Can you get free credits on Flirt4Free?

There are two ways you can get free credits. Flirt4Free offers 120 free bonus credits when you first create your account. You do need a valid credit card to redeem this. The second method is by purchasing a premium membership. This also grants you a bonus of 150 free credits. Flirt4Free does host promos and contests through which credits can be won, but these are reserved for the models.

How much do credits cost on Flirt4Free?

You can buy credits in the form of packages:

  • $10 for 90 credits, at $0.11 per credit
  • $25 for 225 credits, at $0.11 per credit
  • $50 for 500 credits, at $0.10 per credit
  • $100 for 1000 credits, at $0.10 per credit
  • $250 for 2625 credits, at $0.095 per credit
  • $500 for 5500 credits, at $0.09 per credit

Does offer premium accounts?

For the price of $39.95 per month, you can make your basic account a premium one. There`s no free trials, but it offers tons of neat benefits:

  • 150 free credits every month you stay on as a premium member
  • Free access to premium videos recorded by models
  • Talk to your favorite model on a private messaging service
  • Unlimited access to recorded shows
  • Access to hour long feature shows for free
  • 5% discount on all video purchases

Does Flirt4Free have an app?

Flirt4Free does have an app, but it`s restricted to performers. This is so a model can use her phone to stream onto the website. Normal users will have to make do with the mobile version of the website because there`s no other dedicated app. Don`t be disheartened, cause the mobile website is so well optimized, you`d think it was an app!

Is Flirt4Free safe?

You don`t want to end up on a scam website, and Flirt4Free is the furthest from a scam website. It uses encryption and secure servers for all of its transactions, and it doesn`t even require an account to use the site. You can watch all the shows you want without signing up and giving any personal info.

Whether you`re looking for a porn replacement or an alternative cam site, Flirt4Free is the top choice. With the sexiest babes you`ve ever seen, you`ll be spoiled for choice no matter what your kinks are. Quench your thirst for naughty cam whores by visiting one of the Flirt4Free cam rooms!

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